ati White

The mixing of two native varieties, “malagouzia” with “assyrtiko”, grown in Northern Greece,creates a result that is flooded with lively aromas of flowers and citrus. This wine is perfectly balanced and soft, with light sour-sweet caramel taste in the aftertaste.

ati Red

The harmonious blend of the native variety of “xinomavro” with the cosmopolitan “merlot” grown in Imathia, produces a rich and well-structured wine with soft tannins and spicy aftertaste. The wine has a deep red colour and a characteristic black fruit aroma that develops into a rich bouquet during the ageing time (2 years) in oak barriques and then in the bottles.

ati Rose

Rose ati is produced from the cosmopolitan variety of “Syrah” grown in northern Greece. It has a pomegranate colour and intense fruit flavors with the dominant notes being strawberry and raspberry. It is a balanced wine with a long aftertaste.